The Kingdom Seeker

The Kingdom Seeker is dedicated to the spread of the word of the Kingdom of God.

But what is the Kingdom? Some say it is within you. Others say it is spiritual. However the Bible says unequivocally that it is a physical, political entity in which the saints will rule with Jesus when he establishes it at his return. Jesus declared emphatically, "In the Reborn World, when the Son of Man takes His seat on the throne of state, you. too, shall be seated on twelve thrones, governing the twelve tribes of Israel  . . . just as my Father has promised me His Kingdom. so do I now promise you that you shall eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom; and you shall sit on thrones governing the twelve tribes of Israel" (Mat_19:28; Luk.22:28, Authentic New Testament, translation by Hugh Schonfield). Unquestionably, then, the Kingdom of God is first and foremost the future, physical Messianic Kingdom. to be established by Christ at his return.